Rose Tinted, a project about home, nostalgia and childhood memory.


 The changing relationship with the word ‘home’ is something I wanted to focus on. Being a student who has now moved away and is creating a new home for themselves, I feel detached and distant when returning to Brighton (the place I spent 18 years of my life). When going back to Brighton at Christmas time I decided to turn inwards; to think about and document how it felt to be back again, visiting all of the places that hold so many memories, yet feel so empty now. By looking through old family photos and triggering certain memories, I was able to create a rose tinted vision of my childhood. I began to reminisce and remember all of the things that happened in each place photographed.

When feeling nostalgic and looking back on the past, I feel everything is rose- tinted, everything seems so sweet and soft. Fragmented memories and visions of childhood was something I wanted to tell a story about In my book. Although it is an incredibly personal and intimate story, I feel each reader will take away something different and compare it to their own childhood. Most of us have been through the same feelings, of moving away and looking back.