A project focusing on the concept of home and what it means to live and exist in your own space. Home, for me is a space in which I am able to be authentically me, where I can comfortably exist and where I belong. I feel that this is reflected within my own space, through the things I own and the way I present my room. I wanted to document and make comment on this concept of feeling like you belong in the space that you own. I decided to focus on young people, students that had moved away from home in recent years. I felt that as I was going through the same thing, I was able  to comfortably document these people in their own spaces, capturing them in their natural state and environment. The things we own and the way in which we choose to live in our own spaces is always something that has interested me. Looking at the way in which we as humans exist and cope with creating a home for ourselves and living/ existing in this on a day to day basis is what I wanted to document.